Martin & Tracy (swiftys)

Carvoeiro, Algarve

I received a picture message from the groom 2 days before the wedding saying I was going to have my work cut out! He had scuffed his face diving into a pool. However knowing him the way I do I knew it would be grand, and it didn’t hold back the sun filled celebrations… as they say the show must go on. It was incredible from start to finish and the perfect place to tie the knot. I have to say a huge thanks to the couple for leaving their reception mid-coursees for a few snaps on the beach. The Portugal sun dips so fast in March, so I have to applaud the couple for making a very swift run (see what i did there) down to the beach to catch the last light.

Portugal Wedding 1Portugal Wedding 1aPortugal Wedding 2Portugal Wedding 33aaNever have I photographed a bride & groom getting ready so close but still sticking to the no see tradition. Thankfully no one caught a glimpse.
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