My background is production and i've been a studio floor manager in Virgin Media Television for 15 years. A while back a family member asked me to photograph their wedding and the rest is history.  I am now lucky enough to combine two amazing jobs, and along with juggling the school runs I get to be creative again. "I knew there was a reason i went to art college"

I love exploring and the great outdoors. For me it's all about finding those little unique places to shoot and if "that magic light" is worthy of getting up earlier than normal or waiting longer on a cold Irish beach then it's worth it!

If you don't find me quietly behind my camera, I'll be shouting on a busy studio floor beside another camera. Now living in Dublin and married to Ann (another nordy who puts up with a lot if i’m being honest) We have a gorgeous Kate who is the real boss of the house, a Finn who never stops talking and brand new Eve who is rocking everyones world! Enough about me………… Coffee?